BIO 181

General Biology for Majors, First Semester

Announcement: The Library Research lab has a required tutorial, which you can enter by clicking here.

Welcome to the course!

On the contents bar you can navigate to various areas that contain information for the class, including the syllabus, lecture slides, labs, reading assignments that are not in the text, other assignment information and data from the lab.¬† However, please be aware that all the information on the syllabus is authoritative unless otherwise specified in class. Announcements about the course will be posted in my teaching blog (“Home” on the content bar); to get them, click “BIO 181″ under categories on the sidebar.

This site is meant to supplement both lab and lecture. Students are required to attend classes and are responsible for material presented in lecture and laboratory.

Links will be updated as needed throughout the semester. Please be aware that if you download something early, it may change in the meantime. Most downloadable files, including labs, lectures, readings and assignments, require Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be downloaded for free here or by clicking on the icon below.

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