Unit 1: Introduction to Evolution

Lecture 1.1–Syllabus and introduction
Lecture 1.2–Evidence for microevolution & speciation
Lecture 1.3–Evidence for macroevolution
Lecture 1.4–Artificial and natural selection
Lecture 1.5–Reading evolutionary trees
Lecture 1.6–Phylogeny reconstruction

Unit 2: Mechanisms of Evolution

Lecture 2.1–Causes and consequences of genetic variation
Lecture 2.2–Models of natural selection
Lecture 2.3–Natural selection theory
Lecture 2.4–Mutation-selection balance
Lecture 2.5–Genetic drift
Lecture 2.6–Neutral theory and inbreeding

Unit 3: Adaptation

Lecture 3.1–Quantitative genetics
Lecture 3.2–Methods for studying adaptation
Lecture 3.3–Sexual selection
Lecture 3.4–Evolution of social behavior
Lecture 3.5–Life history evolution
Lecture 3.6–Evolutionary medicine

Unit 4: History of Life on Earth

Lecture 4.1–Speciation
Lecture 4.2–Origins of Life
Lecture 4.3–Precambrian evolution
Lecture 4.4–Cambrian evolution
Lecture 4.5–Human origins